Add a Splash of Color to Your Invoices

In today’s tight economy, it is imperative to maximize all of your sales. However, one resource that is often overlooked is your database of current or past clients. Of the easiest way to grow your business is to provide your current clients with additional services they may not know about. 
With the cost-efficiency of color printing, it is a great idea to keep your clients informed with colorful statement stuffers. These documents will be included with a statement and contain information on new products or upcoming promotions. After all, you are already paying for postage to mail the statement so why not add some marketing material?
With easy color output technology, you can create color marketing inserts for mere pennies.
Another strategy is to include your marketing message on the invoice itself. Colorful invoices are not only more likely to get paid faster, but they can help you with advertising new services. 
Colorful inserts can be conveniently created from templates with popular software like Microsoft™ Publisher and can be printed on your color output device. Include these inserts with your next newsletter or invoice. 
Your current mail list should be your greatest resource. Clients who are already using your services are more likely to purchase again. Utilize your color printing functions to get the most of your in-house marketing materials. 
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