The Benefits of Properly Managed Email

Email is a critical component of today’s business. It is also something that needs to be properly managed or it can become more of a hindrance than productive. More often than not, email tends to turn into something that hurts a company’s productivity, rather than a proper form of business communication.

Email management can be a pain. Most companies out there have no idea how to tackle this elephant in the room. Recent studies suggest that there are many areas of email management that must be addressed. Here are some surprising facts that are drastically affecting productivity, directly related to email.

  • Email overload is one of the largest problems in business today, as many people do now how to properly sift through that much information, leading to a heavy decrease in productivity.
  • About one in ten companies have completed a business-wide email management initiative. An additional 2 companies per 10 are working on a way to implement email management solutions.
  • Almost half of companies do not have any sort of policy regarding their email archive settings. This means that most users create an archive on their computer, and there is no backup on your business server.
  • Most companies sort files in their email interface, in an unshared environment. This is a shocking number, especially with a number of document management tools available that would simplify the process and increase productivity and accessibility, as well as overall security of your documents and email.

So, you may be asking what can you do to better manage one of the most necessary tools in business today? You must set up policies that are uniform throughout your organization that better manage the way your company handles email. If everyone is doing things differently, then there will be no way to recover if disaster were ever to strike. If half of your employees are saving documents on their personal hard drives, and the other half are saving them on the shared server, your organization will never run as smoothly as it could. This same concept applies to the basic functions of email, and if half your employees are sharing folders and the other half are not, you won’t be able to access everything you need and thus will become extremely inefficient.

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