The Business Case For Document Management

More and more, document management is considered a tool that is seen as necessary component that ties directly into a business’s bottom line. Proper document management not only allows a business to create a more effective means of storing and organizing information, but also helps in areas such as reducing administrative costs, enhancing productivity and increasing profit margins.

Discovering new and more efficient ways of managing documents is important. Here are some shocking statistics that show why proper document management is vital:

  • Upwards of 90% of a business’s information is stored physically on paper
  • Documents are copied an average of 19 times during their lifetime
  • It costs on average $20 to file a document
  • The average cost to replace lost documents is up to $220
  • Roughly 8% of all documents created are lost
  • Just over 3% of all documents created are filed incorrectly

Document management systems from Spectrum Imaging Systems help you to control these costs and increase productivity across the board. Contact us today to learn more about how you can implement the latest document management solutions with Spectrum Imaging!