Discover New Printing Habits

Changing your organization’s attitude about printing is the first step towards implementing new printing strategies into your office. It is easy to fall into a pattern with your printing habits. Over printing is something that is plaguing offices all around the world, and it is costing them up to 3% of their annual budgets. This number can be significantly reduced simply by looking at how your organization prints and finding new ways to save.

Print Management programs are a great way to discover where printing takes place within your organization. By taking a print audit of your office, you can get an accurate read of who is printing, from a departmental view down to the individual user. After your print audit is complete, you will know exactly where printing can be reduced and the appropriate actions can be taken.

Simple switches in your printing habits can include:

  • Smart Printing – This is the act of determining whether or not you actually need to print a document. Many times printing can be avoided, saving you the cost of paper and other printing supplies.
  • Print Preview – Utilize print preview and cut out any unnecessary pages from the print job. Unnecessary content can include banner pages on email and web pages, blank pages at the end of documents, etc.
  • Recycle – Recycle paper and begin using recycled paper to print your documents. This will help you save money while not sacrificing quality.

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