Does My Business Need A Server?

In this day and age, many people crave the latest gadgets. From phones to tablets and computers to wearable technology, we want it!  Whether it’s the latest trend or the spiel that claims to make us more productive there are many new and exciting products that we want to buy.  It seems as though technology has almost become a part of our ever evolving DNA. 

Ponder this thought, could you live without the technology?  Would it leave your business “dead in the water” without that resource?  Since we rely so heavily on the technology with our day to day business processes most of us would answer those questions with a resounding yes.  Some companies would not be in existence today if they didn’t have the support of their technology staff and the tools that have become a way of life.

We’ve come a long way from pushing paper around the office, that’s not to say that paper is a thing of the past.  Paper output is on a downward trend and rest assured someone, somewhere is working on how to reduce and eliminate paper by developing better technology to handle our processes as you are reading this blog.  It’s the evolution of Technology!  It helps us with processes like reducing paper output and reducing manual processes within all industries throughout the globe.  One high-end device that has aided many a business environment is the all mysterious “Server”.  Even today, not many business owners are informed enough about whether a tool like a server would be beneficial to their organization or if it is an unnecessary tool that would add to overhead and complicate daily office processes.  Which begs the question that every business owner should be asking, “does my business need a server”?

Let’s get to know one.  A server is an integral center piece of a multi-computer network that performs multiple tasks.  It can provide an organization with the ability of storing data in a centralized location for multiple users to access.  It can provide your critical data with a higher level of protection.  It can provide authentication services to control network and data accessibility which is key in protecting the network environment.  With authentication services on a server, users can only access what they are allowed to access through a structured file system.  Having a server also brings seamless communication between devices and functions such as computers, printers, tablets, email, internet services, applications and your network infrastructure to make collaborating and sharing of key business information easy.  These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider a server. 

One of the most critical reasons for investing in a server solution is the need to secure your data safe.  Data integrity and disaster recovery are key in ensuring that your business thrives.  Questions that every business owner should be concerned with is what is our back up process and where is the data stored?  A server solution provides that security and helps to protect critical business data.  Questions like “what if my computer crashes?” and “how do I know if my backup will work?” are addressed by making the investment in the right solution and identifying the protocols or measures you want to have to protect that data.  We hear you, these are not easy decisions and not all of us are prepared to answer the tough questions!

Spectrum Technologies can help you with answering the question on whether a server is right for your business and what type of solution you need.  We have solutions that provide redundant backups that are kept up-to-date and secure.  We can help to regularly test your back-ups to ensure that it is working and that your critical data won’t get sucked into the “void” during times of a disaster or failure.  Let us help you identify the best solution.

Servers aren’t necessary for every business.  There are many companies that don’t have the need for this type of environment or might want to operate entirely in the Cloud.  I’m sure you’re scratching your head right about now asking “What’s the difference?”.  The answer is fairly simple.  Picking the right solution depends on the applications needed to successfully run your business.  Some software companies design their applications to be entirely accessible through the internet, hence “Cloud Computing”.  The “Cloud” is a server that is not physically located at your office.  You are using someone else’s server that is hosted somewhere else, and you pay a monthly fee to use the application and the hardware.  Other solutions use software run on a server at your location for ease of access and to the data and to provide an on premise solution for the application and storing the data.  We can help you to determine whether you should invest in a server or a “cloud” solution.  Making the right decision will help to create a refined network environment to accurately meet the needs of your business.  Spectrum Technologies can help by scheduling a workflow and developing the right solution that will help you realize the most return for your investment.  Contact us at 915-781-2000 to schedule an assessment with one of our team members today.  We can help you to move ahead and stay ahead!