Easy Way of Monitoring and Controlling Printing Expenses

Samsung Usage Tracker is a great tool for your business to monitor and control printing expenses by easily tracking device functions. Samsung multi-function devices come with a platform called the Extensible Open Architecture (XOA), which allow users to install custom software applications directly onto the Samsung MFP’s. This simple integration extends functionality, provides flexibility and reduces downtime as well as the need for further hardware investments.

“Usage Tracker” is one of the available XOA applications that allows you to remotely manage and monitor functionality of multiple devices, which can offer a huge advantage to any business trying to control output costs. With Usage Tracker, you are able to track color versus black and white copies and assign different cost centers for each type of copy/print. You can control operating costs by reviewing usages weekly and/or monthly, as well as setting up notifications sent via e-mail to help you manage the device remotely.

If you are in Retail, Education, Government, Healthcare, or Finance, this is a great value-add because of its ability to manage output cost, track usage and assign accountability. Some of our customers feel that Usage Tracker helps them reduce cost in multiple areas including paper, color output, managing waste and helps to recover some of the operating cost by offering bill-back features. This is a versatile tool with lots functionality! If you would like to learn more about this tool and how it can help your business, give us a call at 915-781-2000 and schedule an appointment with one of knowledgeable sales associates.

Here are a list of some of the compatible Samsung devices:

• CLX-9201/9251/9301 series
• SCX-8128 NX series
• CLX-9252/9352 series
• SCX-8230/8240 series
• CLX-8640/8650 series