Eliminate the Costly Errors of Manual Data Entry

Manual data entry is an extremely costly and time consuming process. Plus, with manual entry, there is a greater possibility for costly errors. 
Fortunately, you can utilize your multifunction system to automate routine data entry. Data Capture software can read data from scanned documents and send to directly to your business applications. Automated data entry can also create index fields to search and retrieve the scanned document in the future.
How Does Data Capture Software Work?
Data Capture software uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to convert scanned text to editable text. After scanning your document, the multifunction device transfers the information to a folder where it is processed. OCR completely automates the process of data entry. 
Capture software can even set up zones so information in a single document can be separated and placed in the desired data fields. 
Combine capture software with electronic forms and your processes will be running faster than ever. In order for data capture to work, your documents must have a similar format every time. Therefore, electronic forms are an easy way to set up your documents for automatic entry. 
Data capture offers the possibility of replacing manual data entry in many areas of your business. Delivery tickets, invoices, supply orders and even payroll checks can be automated through data capture.  
Automating your business process will allow for fewer people to do the same amount of work. This will reduce your costs and improve processes. To learn more about how you could benefit, contact us today.