Recycle to Get More from Printing!

It is very important to recycle within your office. Apart from recycling, you also must begin to utilize recycled materials in your normal business practices. This includes implementing recycled materials such as paper and ink in your everyday printing.

Here are a few of the simplest strategies that you can switch to to reduce waste and start saving money in your office:

  • Duplex Printing – Printing on both sides of paper is one of the easiest fixes in your company. Duplex printing can cut your printing by up to 40%.
  • Recycle Paper – Place recycling bins next to your printers and multifunction devices. Another easy fix is to implement the use of recycled paper into your printing strategy.
  • Recycle Printer Cartridges – By recycling printer cartridges, you save over two quarts of oil that it takes to produce a laser printer cartridge. Also, you can utilize remanufactured printer cartridges.

Contact us to find out more ways to you can implement better recycling habits into your office today!