Reroute Print Jobs to Lower Cost Devices

Routing print jobs to lower-cost output devices is a great way to save money and improve productivity in a snap. In fact, routing print jobs to the lowest cost devices can quickly yield savings of 20 to 30% or more.
Typically, printer-based devices cost more to operate than multifunction systems. Desktop printers usually cost more to operate than larger networked devices and color output devices also cost 5 to 10 times more to operate than black and white systems.
The challenge in reducing costs is finding a way to change ingrained patterns of behavior. End users habitually print to certain printers due to convenience.
Rules-based printing software allows you to automatically direct print jobs to the lowest cost devices based on rules that you set. 
For example, you can have print jobs over 20 pages automatically routed to the network printer. End users are notified by a popup window that their job is printing on the multifunction system because it is faster and less expensive to operate.
Furthermore, larger print jobs could be set to automatically duplex (two-sided printing) to save paper and reduce the carbon footprint of the office.
We can help show you which devices in your organization have the lowest cost of operation. Then, we can explore the potential benefits of implementing rules-based printing software to route jobs to these devices. Many organizations see a break even on their investment within 90 days. Contact us today to learn more.