The Role of Paper

Paper is one of the most vital components of any office today. The printing landscape however is changing drastically as the popularity of print and document management systems increases. Paper is an expensive resource that oftentimes is abused more often than utilized properly. There are a number of ways that your office can begin to change its printing habits.

  1. Print Audit – Find out your true print environment so you can discover where to eliminate printing. A print audit gives you the right information to create a more efficient printing environment.
  2. Document Management – Digital document management is one of the fastest growing trends in offices today. It decreases the amount of time that employees use to find and retrieve documents and also reduces unnecessary printing by turning all your documents and forms into easily searched documents that can be edited on the fly.
  3. Print Management – Optimize your supply ordering by only buying exactly what you need. Print management keeps an accurate read of your supply needs so you don’t have to, and orders exactly what your office needs.

There are many ways that your office can reduce its paper expenditure. If you would like to learn more about methods your office can put into practice to increase its printing efficiency, please contact us today!