What is all the Buzz About?

We live in an era where we don’t just want, we expect everything to be better, faster, mobile and user friendly.  While our demands for better technology constantly increase, we are left pondering the question, what is the best solution for my business?  The focus of this blog is to help your business make the right telephony decision.

VoiP telephony seems to be a buzz word that has grown in popularity in the recent years for businesses of all sizes.  However, VoIP technology is not a “newborn” in the technology and telecommunications arena.  VoiP Telephony was born in the early 90’s.  Throughout the last couple of decades, the technology has improved and become more competitive; adapting and offering the latest technology through affordable solutions for small to medium and enterprise clients alike.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.  VoIP is a process of transmitting voice communications and in some instances audio-visual aids over Internet Protocol (IP) networks.  The internet is typically the means by which the data is transferred.  An immediate advantage of VoIP is the ability to make long-distance and international calls at no cost.  VoIP solutions are used for inter-office communication, connecting multiple geographical locations and can offer mobility for our fast paced lifestyle.

If you are considering a VoIP Solution ask yourself these important questions:

  1. On-Premise or Hosted?  How do I know which one is the right fit for my business?
    1. An On-Premise solution requires an initial investment and/or a long term commitment to realize a return depending on the size of your organization.  The main advantage is that you will own the phone system.
    2. A Hosted Solution requires little to no upfront investment and offers your organization an affordable monthly payment for service and support.
  2. What type of IT support do I have access to?  What type of support will I need with each type of solution?
    1. An On-Premise VoIP acquisition, will require internal IT staff support or 3rd party IT support like Spectrum Technologies to assist your organization with its IT needs.
    2. A Hosted VoIP solution offers 24/7 live support from Fonality and additional local support by Spectrum Technologies with one of our affordable network support contracts as a resource or to supplement your support needs.
  3. Is my network infrastructure ready for VoIP?
    1. Enabling voice to work properly over the internet takes experience and knowledge.  Your network infrastructure should be assessed by a qualified professional to ensure that your routers, cabling, firewall configurations, switches and internet speeds are adequate to handle a VoIP solution prior to making a decision that will impact workflow and performance throughout your organization. 

The goal of a VoIP solution is to meet growing demands for bigger and better business communications.  As a value-added reseller for Fonality products and services Spectrum Technologies can offer communication features like:

  • Audio Conferencing   
  • Drag and Drop Calling
  • Find Me/Follow Me Features - In the office? Out in the field? The phone is smart enough to find you
  • Mobile Solutions - seamlessly transfer and forward calls to your cell phone
  • Unified Communication - connect multiple offices via one system
  • Call Recording
  • Screen Share Abilities
  • Employee Presence - the ability to see who is on the phone, out of the office, in a meeting, away from their desk or out to lunch   

If you are looking for a consultative partner to help you find the right solution, look to Spectrum Technologies.  We have qualified professionals that can guide you through the process of finding the right VoIP solution to meet your needs.  We offer complimentary, on-site, network consultations to point your office in the right direction.  We are committed to enabling your organization with the right business communication tools.  If you are interested in big business communication tools at a small business budget please contact one of our solutions experts today at (915)781-2000.  Mention this blog and receive a free hand-set. 

------------------------This blog was written by our VoIP Solutions Expert, Mariana Pacheco----------------------