Why You Need Managed Print Services

Whether your company is made up of a small team or hundreds, managed print services are vital in the process of auditing your resources. Every year, the amount of paper that is wasted through printing and faxing alone has a huge impact on the environment and your company’s budget. 
Often times, employee printing goes unmanaged and the volume of paper waste continues to increase. With Managed Print Services, you can manage your resources effectively and ensure minimal waste, for a greener office and a better world.
In addition to the positive effects on the environment, green printing and other effective management solutions have a number of key benefits.
1. Visibility and Accountability
Managed Print Services give employers complete visibility into their company's office output device expenses. This allows management to decrease expenses and increase profit margins. By incorporating management and data analysis of an organisation's printing environment, in addition to product updates and enhancements, you will be able to access accurate data time and time again and keep your printing expenses to a minimum.
2. Green Printing
Eco friendly printing continues to grow in popularity. Companies are starting to realise how effective print management can play such a huge part in reducing their office’s carbon footprint and helping the environment. Managed print services can help save paper through rules-based printing, lower help desk support, monitor power consumption, and optimise your entire printer fleet. 
3. Cost Effective
Managed print services provide many options to save costs. No matter what industry you are in, you will be able to accurately monitor and measure all printing, copying and scanning. Through proper management, you will even be able to adjust your billing based on printing costs. This is especially helpful for educational institutions and student billing.   
Managed print solutions also ensure that quality demands are met time and time again. With today’s fast-paced economy, a broken printer can really disrupt deadlines. Regardless of your industry, managed print services will help save you money, time and resources.