Canon Announces imageFORMULA DR-M1060 Office Document Scanner

MELVILLE, N.Y., September 10, 2014 - Canon U.S.A., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today introduced the imageFORMULA DR-M1060, a new ledger-sized document scanner. Featuring a versatile, space-saving design and capable of handling large volumes of paperwork, this scanner helps improve the efficiency of information management and streamlines workflows in multiple industries, including professional and technical services, legal services, financial services, healthcare, and construction.
Boasting scan speeds of up to 60 pages-per-minute and 120 images-per-minute in color, black-and-white, and grayscale1, the imageFORMULA DR-M1060 scanner can process up to 7,500 documents per day2. The scanner's minimalistic design removes the need for lengthy feed or eject trays to help conserve valuable desk space in any office. It also offers "U-turn" path feeding as well as straight-path feeding, allowing it to handle thick, thin or long documents, including plastic cards and ledger-sized sheets.
"Speed of processing and sophistication of digital delivery to a variety of end points is a requirement in today's business environment. Scan devices that can not only quickly complete a task but are unobtrusive and integrated into the greater IT infrastructure, are enabling greater automation results," said Anne Valaitis from InfoTrends. "We are excited to see Canon's addition of the imageFORMULA DR-M1060 scanner to their comprehensive lineup."
The imageFORMULA DR-M1060 scanner's versatile scanning capabilities make it an ideal companion for a variety of paper-intensive industries. For example, accountants and banking associates can scan large tables or spreadsheets for long-term archiving; physician office staff members can scan patient medical records, charts, or insurance cards to assist in HIPAA compliance; and construction contractors can scan drawings, diagrams, or technical documents to help improve project collaboration. Overall, scanning and converting documents to digital format can help reduce paper, and help users improve costs, efficiency, productivity, organization, collaboration, and information management.

Reliability and Ease of Use
Not only can the imageFORMULA DR-M1060 scanner effectively handle a variety of documents, it is also designed to provide an easy user experience. With minimal setup required, an intuitive control panel that provides a selection of different scan tasks, and batch scanning capability, users can quickly complete jobs with little intervention or oversight. The DR-M1060 scanner also includes pickup feeding, and in order to quickly identify feeding troubles and helps minimize critical damage to documents, the scanner comes equipped with paper feed error detection sensors.

Outstanding Image Quality
Several features allow the imageFORMULA DR-M1060 scanner to deliver precise, high-quality images. These features can improve the legibility of hard-to-read documents through clear font outlining and bolding, crop shadows, and straighten scanned images. For mixed batches of documents, the scanner can automatically detect color sheets, as well as adjust the scanning resolution for text sheets vs. photographs.

Additional Capabilities with Bundled Software
The imageFORMULA DR-M1060 scanner arrives bundled with Canon CaptureOnTouch, Canon CapturePerfect, Kofak VRS and Nuance eCopy PDF Pro Office software. When used in tandem with the scanner, these programs allow users to convert documents into editable electronic files, further enhance scanned images, distribute and share scanned files and create PDFs - all while helping to reduce document preparation time.

Fulfillment of Environmental Standards
Canon U.S.A. holds itself to rigid standards for minimizing the impact its products have on the environment, and the imageFORMULA DR-M1060 scanner is no exception. This device meets ENERGY STAR® guidelines for energy efficiency and the ErP Lot 6 directive for energy consumption. In addition, the scanner complies with the EU RoHS and WEEE directives for reduction of hazardous substances and waste products.

The imageFORMULA DR-M1060 Office Document Scanner is available now for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $2,995.00.