Cloud Services

Everybody seems to be talking about “the cloud” these days. Simply put, cloud services refer to moving business applications and data to off-site servers that are hosted in a server farm. Businesses use cloud services for a variety of reasons including: Reduced cost of not having to purchase and manage hardware on site. Access to data securely over the internet. Scalability to add more storage as needed

Spectrum offers a variety of flexible cloud services for your business. However, we don’t just provide the storage. We also bring you everything you need to successfully migrate to the cloud including consulting, management and disaster recovery services.

Strategic Planning

The first questions most businesses have relates to what aspects of their network should go to the cloud. There are many applications that are best hosted on cloud servers. However, some of your business applications may run better from on-site servers. We can help you build the best strategy for your business.

Application Hosting

Once you determine which aspects of your business would benefit from the cloud our team can configure your cloud storage and migrate your applications to cloud servers. We can also configure your peripherals or systems to smoothly access this information.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

One of the best uses of cloud technologies is backup and disaster recovery. Your on-site servers and computers can be backed up to an off-site server. At the same time we can also create virtual desktops for your users. If your computers fail users can log into a virtual desktop from another computer. They will be able to use their device as if nothing had happened, maximizing uptime and productivity.

To learn more about how your business could benefit from Spectrum’s cloud services contact us today.