Desktop and laptop computers along with tablet devices connect your team members to each other, clients and suppliers. Older systems slow down productivity as users wait for software packages to open and email to download. Multiply the affects of a slow computer by the number of people in your company and you begin to see the cumulative impact of small problems. Today’s computer systems can bring dramatic increases in speed solving your productivity problems. When it comes time to update your computers Spectrum brings you more than just the latest and fastest systems. You get a partner that can help make the transition as seamless as possible. Your computers can be fully configured before they are installed so your users don’t spend days trying to find the software that they need.

Customization and Configuration

Your business has specific needs based on the proprietary software that you run. Your software may require certain minimum specifications. We help you implement the right computers for your business. We can also pre-load your computers with the right software applications. This makes it easier for end users to adapt to their new systems, helping you keep your business working at maximum productivity during the transition.

Virtualization/Thin Clients

In some cases it may make sense to deploy virtual desktops. This is where desktop computing is done on a local server. Instead of fully-featured computers with hard drives users operate thin clients which basically allow them to connect to the server. All of the computing is done on the server. The user still has the same familiar Windows workspace.

Managed Services

New computers can cause an increase in the number of questions users have. Our help desk support service helps answer questions quickly so they can get back to work. You can also look to Spectrum to monitor your devices 24 hours a day and keep them updated with the latest software and security patches.
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