Data Protection

Making sure important data is protected and kept from the wrong people is very important. If you have ever worried about a laptop being lost or stolen in your office or vital information falling into the wrong hands, then data protection from Spectrum Technologies may be for you. By offering comprehensive data protection services we are able to offer a viable solution to this very real scenario for small and mid-size businesses.

The amount of theft that happens on a daily basis would surprise you. For many companies, even a stolen flash drive can spell disaster for data security. Sometimes data that is stored on external devices and left unencrypted can present a greater danger to data security than data left on laptops or other large devices.

Luckily, we offer a secure way for prevent your protected data from being comprised due to loss, theft, or unchecked distribution. Our specialists will work with your business to uncover the specific needs and challenges that face your company.

Spectrum Technologies data protection services include:

  • Secure protection from loss, theft, or unchecked proliferation.
  • Easy accessibility to your information while being protected and staying in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Cloud managed encryption of your protected data and hard disks and removable media.
  • Encryption compliance and unparalleled control over data leakage.
  • Simple monthly invoicing for your data encryption services—with no added fees for hardware or software.

Can your business afford to have protected information leaked or compromised? Can you imagine how much it would cost your company in possible fines and damaged reputation if they did? Get your files encrypted and secured today!

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