Disaster Recovery

Nobody likes to consider the implications of a disaster. Data loss from a fire, flood, natural disaster or a simple hard drive failure could be catastrophic to a business. In case of a disaster, a strategy should be defined for how data would be restored to get your business up and running quickly. We can help you create a comprehensive strategy that makes it possible for you to quickly recover from a disaster.

Automatic Backups to the Cloud

Your critical information can be automatically backed-up to a secure server in the cloud. This means that your backups live in a separate facility located in another part of the country. If there were a fire, flood or tornado, your information would be safe.

Virtual Desktops

Restoring all of the software and files to a computer can take hours. Multiply that across all of the systems in your business and you quickly realize that disaster recovery could take days or weeks. With virtual desktops, you can be back up and running in minutes. Users simply log into a virtual desktop through a web browser on any computer and they can interact with all of their software and files just like they were using their actual computer.

On Site Restoration Services

When disaster does strike you can look to the Spectrum Technologies to get your business online quickly. We can help you set up a network in your temporary facility so that you can stay connected to your customers and vendors. This lets you focus on getting your business restored rather than being worried about how you will communicate.

To learn more about how you could benefit from an improved backup and disaster recovery strategy contact us today.