Document Capture

Scanning offers the potential to convert paper documents to digital format. But scanning is only the beginning. What do you do with all of these documents? How do you arrange them? How do you get data from the scanned documents into your computer systems?

Document Capture solutions can read data from your documents as they are scanned. This eliminates human error with manual data entry. The data can be used to store the document in a Document Management System or exported to your line-of-business applications. Document Capture leverages two core technologies:

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR converts scanned text into editable text. Zone OCR can be used to read text from a certain area on a page. This works great when you are scanning structured documents like invoices where the data is always in the same place. Smart OCR can be used to automatically read documents and look for key data points. Over time, this software learns to read the documents you scan most often.

Barcode Reading

Capture solutions can read barcodes from your documents. This is a fast and efficient way to make sure documents are stored accurately.

Document Cleanup

Scanned documents can sometimes benefit from some cleanup. Our capture solutions can de-speckle and de-skew images to make them easier to read.

Data Export

Once the data is read from the scanned documents through OCR and/or barcode, the data can be used in many ways. Data fields can be exported to your ERP and line-of-business applications. Data can also be used to index documents in a Document Management System.

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