Document Creation

Your business forms like invoices or shipping tickets form the foundation of your business process. Whether you are using SAP, Oracle or an industry specific ERP system, most line-of-business applications do not give you full control over the layout of documents. With our Electronic Forms solutions you get total control over the layout, design and printing of your critical business documents without changing anything in your accounting system.

Customized Layouts to Your Forms

You can map the print stream from your existing forms to a new layout. It starts by using a WYSISYG editor to layout your new form. Draw boxes, change fonts and even add colors. Then we help you map your print data (ship to address, bill to address…) to the new form.

Add Barcodes

Any number on your existing forms can be converted to a barcode on the printout. This has tremendous advantages when it comes to scanning the document for archive. For more information on this, visit the Document Capture page.

Use Conditional Logic

Your forms can be dynamic based on conditional logic. If you have different brands in multiple locations you could choose to put a different logo on the form based on the state. You could choose to print the invoice in red and insert a past due notice if the account is over 30 days past due. All of this happens in real time as your documents are printing.

Add Marketing Graphics

You can use Electronic Forms to add graphics to your layout. These could promote additional products and services, helping you grow your business. Combined with conditional logic, you could set up different promotions for various client demographics.

Printed on Any Device

Your newly-formatted forms can be sent to virtually any printer. You can even use a color printer or multifunction system to print your invoices in color. This makes the documents easier to read and helps them stand out.

Archived in Digital Format

Your business documents can be simultaneously archived as they print. An electronic copy of the printout can be stored in a Document Management system for later retrieval and archiving.

Get Started

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