Documents are the vehicles by which information flows through business processes. Some documents exist in paper format, stored in filing cabinets and desk drawers. Others are files in various formats like Microsoft Office, emails, images, and PDF files.

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You can look to Spectrum for customized solutions that help you create, distribute, integrate and archive critical business documents. All of this is done with the goal of streamlining your business processes, enhancing your security and creating a disaster recovery strategy.

We do this by employing three core technologies to create customized solutions for your business:

Document Creation

Your business forms like invoices or shipping tickets form the foundation of your business process. With our Electronic Forms solutions you get total control over the layout, design and printing of your critical business documents.  
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Document Capture

Scanning documents converts paper documents to digital images. Our Document Capture solutions take scanning to the next level by reading critical information from scanned images to make them searchable, manageable, retrievable, and portable.
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Document Management

Documents should be stored, secured, searchable and backed up. Our Document Management solutions help you create a secure archive of your paper and digital documents helping improve your business processes.
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Document Integration

Popular cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox and Evernote provide great online collaboration tools. We can help you scan documents directly from your multifunction system into these popular cloud services.
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