HP Delivers Turnkey IT Solutions for Business

PALO ALTO, Calif. — HP today announced new offerings that empower small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to save time and money while embracing technology as a competitive advantage and a key lever for business agility.

  • HP SMB Solutions—based on a previously announced collaboration with Google—are precurated bundles of hardware, software, services and solutions from HP and other technology providers.
  • HP Financial Services (HPFS) Partner Connection enables SMBs to purchase these bundled offerings, as well stand-alone hardware products as a monthly subscription billing.

“HP is helping channel partners and business customers realize the vast benefits of bundling hardware, services, solutions, as well as offering them as a service,” said Enrique Lores, senior vice president and general manager, Business Personal Systems, HP. “The end results for our customers are worry-free, turnkey IT—and more time to ensure success for their core business.”

HP SMB Solutions: Leading-edge technology, bundled by HP
HP SMB Solutions, available exclusively through HP authorized channel partners, give SMBs access to the latest HP solutions, as well as innovative offerings from leading technology providers like AT&T and Google.
HP SMB Solutions are ordered through a comprehensive communications portal that helps SMBs understand how the latest technology trends can impact and improve their business. The portal makes it easy for SMBs to identify business solutions that address their key needs, while at the same time allowing them to save money, receive better support and manage their devices for improved return on assets.
HP also is announcing the launch of HP Business Helpdesk to support SMBs operating in non-managed IT environments. This new service provides 24/7 technical support for a wide variety of PC and software applications running on Microsoft, Apple and Android operating systems, as well as connectivity support to common peripherals such as tablets, smartphones and printers.

HPFS Partner Connection
HPFS provides SMBs with the flexibility to pay for the use of solution bundles or hardware through a monthly subscription payment model. It provides options that allow SMBs to easily return or upgrade the equipment at the end of the contract period, ensuring that infrastructure is always up to date with the latest hardware and software. The HPFS Partner Connection is a web-based tool that provides quick approvals, customer quotes and auto document generation. 


  • HP SMB Solutions are now available in North America and Canada by Synnex resellers via its web portal. Availability will expand to additional distributors globally throughout the year.
  • HP Business Helpdesk will be available in the United States in June, and will extend to select countries throughout the year.
  • The subscription capabilities on the HPFS Partner Connection tool will be available to HP channel partners in the United States and Canada in June, and in select countries throughout the year.