HP Integrated Lights-Out Security

HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) has been widely accepted as the standard for remotely managing the servers in data centers. Most HP ProLiant and Integrity servers include an autonomous iLO management processor on the system board. The iLO processor and firmware let you securely configure and monitor a server locally or remotely over a management network.
This brief addresses a key concern of data center management: security. iLO ensures that your server hardware, firmware, communication interfaces, and deployment capabilities are secure. This brief describes the utilities and services providing access points into iLO or its host system. It also describes how iLO’s design protects against access risks.
This brief covers the following versions:

  • iLO 3 v1.0 and 1.05
  • iLO 2 v1.60
  • iLO v1.91

It does not apply to the LO-100 processors in ProLiant 100-series servers.

Protected access to iLO and sensitive information
The iLO user interface includes multi-layer security: authentication, authorization, data integrity, and privacy.
iLO firmware is digitally signed with a private key. Unauthorized code, including anti-virus software, may not be allowed to execute.
Authentication determines who is at the other end of the network connection. iLO authenticates users with 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.
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