Managed Print Services

Office printing consumes up to 3% of a company’s annual revenue. However, many companies have no control over this expense. Printing costs hide in office supply budgets. Separate service and support contracts are in another budget. Add to this the hidden cost of waste, lack of inventory management and expired supplies that are never used and you can see how spending can get out of control.

Spectrum can help you manage your printing costs. Our Managed Print Services program provides everything you need to maintain your fleet with supplies, preventative maintenance, on site service and help desk support. We begin by analyzing the current printing trends and costs in your organization. Through analysis we can identify areas of waste, costs, usage trends, and much more to ultimately make recommendations to drive down costs.

Measure and Control Printing Expenses

Printfleet, our print monitoring software gathers data on your printed volume. This allows you to track the cost of printing within your organization. Next, we review the data with you to develop a strategy to manage and reduce those costs. Instead of multiple vendors and invoices for supplies, service and support, you get one invoice from Spectrum that covers everything you need to maintain your fleet with a program tailored to your workflow.

Eliminate Waste

Your employees are afraid of running out of toner. As a result, most businesses have thousands of dollars worth of toner stashed in supply closets. Since many of these non-serialized supplies cost over $100 a piece they represent waste and cost by sitting on a shelf not in use. With our Managed Print Services program you don’t have to buy supplies—they are included in your cost per page. We monitor inventory levels and automatically ship cartridges when needed. This cuts the cost of supply inventory, waste, and a potential for theft.

Reduce Burden on I.T.

Printer problems distract costly I.T. personnel from critical projects. Since many printer problems are mechanical, your I.T. staff may not be equipped to make these types of repairs. When you choose Spectrum as your Managed Print Services partner you can look to our team of experienced service technicians to handle your repairs. This keeps your I.T. department focused on their strategic roles.

To learn more about how you could benefit from our Managed Print Services program contact us today.