The Benefits of Digital Copier Technology

Digital copiers are becoming the popular option for businesses of all sizes. Digital copiers vary from their analog counterparts in the way that they scan and store documents. With digital copiers, you achieve a higher quality scan when compared with traditional copier solutions. Digital copiers have advanced functionality and will provide your business with a multifunction printing solution, increasing the productivity of your office.

In addition to increased document quality, there are many other benefits to implementing digital copiers into your office, including:

More Ways to Save with Managed Print Services

Take a moment to think about how your office currently handles the ordering of printing and copier supplies. If you aren’t sure, or there is more than one dedicated person that handles supply ordering, your office can most likely benefit from implementing Managed Print Services. MPS gives businesses of all types the freedom to not have to worry about the ordering of print supplies by automating normal business processes, leaving your employees free to work on more important projects.

There are a number of other benefits associated with MPS include:

The Business Case For Document Management

More and more, document management is considered a tool that is seen as necessary component that ties directly into a business’s bottom line. Proper document management not only allows a business to create a more effective means of storing and organizing information, but also helps in areas such as reducing administrative costs, enhancing productivity and increasing profit margins.

Discovering new and more efficient ways of managing documents is important. Here are some shocking statistics that show why proper document management is vital:

Common Misconceptions Regarding Green Printing

Green printing has become a popular topic over the last few years in business. Many businesses are turning to green printing habits to ensure that they are doing their part to reduce excess waste and save the environment. However, there are a number of misconceptions regarding green printing and how a business goes about reducing their environmental impact.

Some of the most common misconceptions include:

· Green Printing is Expensive: Going green may have at one time been very expensive, however it is now more affordable than ever. If your business implements the right set of print reduction tactics you will actually be saving money!

Get More With Digital Document Management

It is very easy to let your documents get out of hand. The way that we handle documents in business today tends to be a mix of both digital and physical document management, combining physical documents with digital storage methods. Both of these methods have distinct advantages, however as technology advances, digital document management systems are quickly gaining the edge on traditional means of storing documents.

The benefits of digital document management include:

The Top Five Reasons to Invest in Print Management

Print Management programs give businesses the ability to monitor and track printing throughout their entire organization, and then make changes based on this data. Monitoring printing is extremely important, as printing is one of the largest unmanaged expenses in business today. On average, printing takes up to 3% of the annual budget in an office. Through Print Management, you can reduce this number by up to 1/3, freeing up to 1% of your annual budget for more important things.

The Best Reasons to Implement Print Management include:

Are You Spending too much on Documents?

There are many reasons as to why businesses spend too much on documents. While it is easy to spend too much on the production of documents, it is also easy to reduce these costs by making a few simple switches within your business. Here are some of the signs that you are overspending on documents:

Use Your Current Equipment to Optimize Document Management

When implementing digital document management solutions into your office, there are a number of ways to go about archiving your current physical documents. Document management companies offer programs that will archive your current documents for you, creating a digital database that is easily indexed and searched.

Outfit Your Equipment with the Latest Firmware

With technology today, there are constantly new updates to ensure your equipment operates at peak performance. These updates come in the form of firmware updates that must be installed to your equipment. These fixes do a number of things, including fixing bugs and optimizing the system to operate more productively.

Here are some of the most important reasons to update your firmware as new versions become available:

The Benefits of Consolidating Printing

There are many reasons to consolidate the print servers within your office. In larger organizations, creating a unified print server will bring with it many benefits. For larger organizations, it may seem difficult to consolidate your many servers into one central server, however it can help your office in a number of areas.

A unified print server gives you:


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