For Newsweek, immediate access to financial and other operational reports is vital for success. Publishing is an extremely competitive business, and business executives need to be able to quickly spot financial and other trends and react to them. Previously, Newsweek depended on a mainframe-based printing system for publishing financial reports and the printing facility was located in offices separate from corporate headquarters. Printing reports could take several hours after a report was requested for it to be delivered to corporate headquarters from the printing facility via courier. Through Lexmark’s comprehensive workshop and discovery process, Newsweek identified this and other troublesome workflow areas and built a phased output strategy to address them. In the first phase, Lexmark replaced the mainframe-based system with a Web-based, distributed print-on-demand system, which allows reports to be viewed online and to be printed locally. The result is a projected five-year net benefit of $514,818 and immediate, on-demand access to vital financial reports and other documents by executives and employees who need the information to make informed business decisions. Note: These cost savings reflect the initial implementation of the Lexmark solution on five floors in Newsweek’s New York offices and are based on a full adoption of Lexmark’s recommendations with respect to the elimination of most stand-alone local devices over time.
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