Outsourced Printing Services

Sometimes you have print jobs that are too big to run on your printers or multifunction systems. When this happens you can look to Spectrum’s Document Outsourcing Center for their high-volume specialty printing and scanning services.

Digital Copying, Duplicating & Printing

Whether you need black & white or color we have the answer for your overflow needs. We have both high-speed color and black & white units to provide fast, quality and reliable services at a competitive price. Spectrum can print 2-part, 3-part, 4-Part carbonless forms, letterhead, envelopes, color copies, flyers, brochures, manuals and much more.

Wide Format Banner/Poster Printing

We provide high-quality, color & black white large format prints on a variety of media and in many different sizes at a competitive price.

Graphic Design

We provide graphic design services for flyers, business cards, letterhead, newsletters, brochures, forms and much more at a competitive price and quick turnaround time.

Scanning, Archiving & Document Editing

We can scan in hard-copy documents and burn them to CD-ROM or DVD-ROM for digital archival purposes. We also provide back-office conversion services for organizations that want to digitize all of the paper documents for use with an electronic document management system or to eliminate the expense of off-site storage.

Variable Data Printing

Do you do direct mailing or a monthly newsletter? Tired of slapping on labels? Spectrum can help by taking your database file and your mailer and creating a custom printed document with variable text like first name, last name, address, city, state, zip code, DEAR “client”.

To learn more about how Spectrum could help with your offsite printing and scanning needs contact us today.