RISO Releases New Line Up of the World's Fastest Inkjet Color Printer the "ComColor Series"

TOKYO -- RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION (TOKYO:6413) (President & C.E.O.: Akira Hayama)(President & C.E.O.: Akira Hayama) and RISO LATIN AMERICA, INC. announces release of new lineup of products, high-speed full-color inkjet printers the ComColor series that will be launched onto the markets on November, 2013.
The ComColor series offer color solutions with high speeds and low running costs in the area of high volume printing. Taking advantage of the ComColor's high productivity, economical efficiency, and the expandability of the products enabling even to undertake broader applications.
In addition, answering to the diversified needs of in-house printing within office environments, the ComColor series incorporates optional new technologies enabling perfect binding and self-mailing in an in-line process. As well as ComColor's capability in high volume printing, booklet-finished handouts and variable data printing for transactional documents and direct mails, RISO strives to expand placements in the high volume color printing market.
To learn more about the series, please visit the ComColor special site http://www.riso.co.jp/english/comcolor/?utm_source=Brazil&utm_medium=new...
Regional sales information is also available on RISO LATIN AMERICA.'s webpage http://www.risolatin.com/ .

Features of the ComColor series

  • High productivity with high-speed printing
    • The high-end model "ComColor 9150" and the "ComColor 9110" are capable of high-speed output with 150 sheets per minute for simplex printing making the fastest cut sheet printers in the world.* With outstanding data processing speed, printers of the series are now capable of handling variable printing jobs speedily.
    • *Source: RISO data.
  • Incredibly low printing cost
    • The new ComColor series prints at amazingly low running costs in both color and monochrome that are virtually unmatched by any other devices in its class.
  • Newly employed ink technology
    • Employing quickly drying ink with enhanced stability of the ink on the paper surface materialize superb duplex prints quality.
  • Accommodating a variety of paper types
    • The ComColor series' stability of paper feeding enables smooth operation with various types of paper from lightweight paper to heavy stocks and envelopes. By enabling the series to print on lightweight paper, the devices help reduce paper storage space as well as the direct mail delivery costs.
  • Space-saving finisher with stapling function (Optional)
    • The compact optional "FACE DOWN OFFSET STAPLER" with stapling functionality complies with the print speed of 150 sheets per minute *. Tray is capable of offset stacking * and can staple up to a maximum number of 50 sheets *.
    • *The ComColor 9150/9110. The number is based on a default configuration and may vary depending on the specific printing paper applied.
  • Two selections of post printing functions (Optional)
    • Two selections of finishers are available to meet various post-printing needs. State-of-the-art post-printing peripherals are offered within the ComColor Series, one being an in-line "PERFECT BINDER", the all-in-one book maker, and the other being a "WRAPPING ENVELOPE FINISHER" capable of printing, folding, inserting and sealing.
  • High capacity paper feeding and receiving (Optional)
    • In combination with the new options, namely the "HIGH CAPACITY FEEDER" and the "HIGH CAPACITY STACKER", the system allows massive volume printing without interruption.
  • Enhanced environmental performance
    • Compared with other printers with similar speed of operation, the environmental impact of the series is low at TEC value of 8kwh. The timer function also contributes to energy conservation. 

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