Workgroup and productivity scanners allow paper-based information to be quickly converted to digital format where it can be shared and archived. Spectrum can help you determine the best mix of scanners for your organization. We can ensure they are maintained optimally with our preventative maintenance programs.

Centralized or Decentralized Scanning

Depending on your business needs you will want to choose a centralized or a decentralized scanning model. In a centralized scanning model, documents are sent to one location where they are scanned with dedicated high volume scanners. In a decentralized model users scan documents at multifunction systems distributed throughout the organization. We can help you determine the right model for your business processes.

Workgroup/Productivity Scanners

You need scanners that process documents quickly, reliably and accurately. Our scanners are designed to handle the rigors of regular usage. Our preventative maintenance program ensures that the feed rollers and other mechanical parts are properly maintained to minimize misfeeds.

Document Management Software

Spectrum brings you more than scanners. We can also help you deploy software to index, manage and archive all of your documents.

To get the right scanners for your organization contact us today.