Many small and medium sized companies need the services of an Information Technology department but cannot justify full time I.T. staff. Larger companies with I.T. departments want to focus resources on strategic initiatives and would love to outsource monitoring and support functions to a responsive local team.

Spectrum can help. Our team of certified systems engineers backed by our 24 hour Network Operations Center can act as your virtual I.T. department. We provide monitoring, help-desk support and onsite service to ensure that your servers, computers and printers operate at peak performance.

Managed I.T. Services

Maximize productivity and minimize security risks with Managed I.T. Services. You get fully staffed network monitoring, automatic software updates, help desk support and disaster recovery. You select the services that you need.
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Managed Print Services

Get everything you need to keep you fleet of printers and multifunction systems up and running. For one low cost-per-page you get supplies, help desk support, preventative maintenance and on-site support for your fleet of equipment.
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Cloud Services

These days businesses are moving applications to the cloud. Simply put, this means moving applications and data to an off-site data center. Users can access this information securely over the internet. You get the reduced cost of not having to purchase and manage servers on site. You also get the peace of mind knowing your servers are managed, monitored and backed up by trained professionals.
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Document Outsourcing Services

While most of today’s printing can be done in your office on color multifunction systems there are times when you need commercial printing services for brochures, stationary and business cards. You can send your print jobs to our document outsourcing department for fast turnaround and professional quality at an affordable price.
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To learn more about how you could benefit from Spectrum’s Managed Services, contact us today.