A Story of Global Success Realized One Region at a Time

Lexmark International, Inc., is a $3.9 billion business providing companies in over 150 countries with a broad range of printing and imaging products, solutions and services that make their customers more productive.
While the company's competitors spend more, on a relative basis, on advertising and marketing, Lexmark has relied more heavily on customer advocacy to underscore its industry througth leadership and success in helping its customers achieve significant cost reductions and efficiency gains. In the new economic reality the importance of peer experiences and opinions as part of the buying cycle has increased significantly.
Lexmark lacked a formalized global reference tool to leverage all of its content in global opportunities. Additionally, there was recognition that an efficent global program could increase productivity by freeing up time for salespeople to sell.

The Challenge
Many tools, Incosistent practices
Lexmark had a marketing resource in each geography with partial responsibility for customer reference activities, each using different tools and processes to build customer reference content and fulfill customer requests. As an example, there was little consistency between a sucess story created in Canada and one create in Australia.
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