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Kyle Elliott

Partner & President
Kyle Elliott - Partner & President - Spectrum Technologies

Kyle Elliott is Partner and President of Spectrum Technologies. He is a Spectrum veteran who began his career with the company in 1986 after graduating and marrying his college sweetheart, Jacqueline Plesant. At the time, Spectrum was known as A.B.Dick Products of El Paso, a small office machines business, that had been recently acquired by his father-in-law Marcelo Plesant. Throughout his career, Kyle progressed from sales to operations to ownership.

From ink to toner; analog to digital; single device to managed fleet; on-premise to cloud—technology is always changing.  Through Kyle’s leadership, Spectrum Technologies continues to evolve, innovate and deliver unsurpassed quality and professionalism to clients. 

Amidst dynamic industry changes, he helped expand geography and lines of business supporting the growth of the company from $1 million and 17 employees to $25+ million and 90+ full-time employees.

Kyle was born in Jacksonville, Florida the son of a career Army officer, was part of Hanks High School’s first graduating class in 1982 and the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University. Since then, Kyle’s commitment to our community and dedication to making a difference is evident as he serves on both professional and charitable boards.

His staff is convinced he never leaves the office, but he is an avid skier, dirt-bike rider, sports enthusiast and has various other business interests. Kyle and his amazing wife have 4 children and two beautiful granddaughters.

Mitch Plesant

Partner & Executive Vice President
Mitch Plesant - Partner & Executive Vice President - Spectrum Technologies

Mitch Plesant serves Spectrum Technologies as Partner and Executive Vice President. He is responsible for the oversight of business development and growth.

Mitch began his career with A.B.Dick Company in 1985, as a technician in the service department. When his father, Marcelo Plesant, purchased the company, it truly became a family venture. With all hands-on deck, Mitch quickly moved to sales and helped serve as the catalyst for growth and expansion. He then found his true passion: helping people.

He gains the most satisfaction when he knows businesses are serviced correctly, every time. A lesson of integrity he learned at a very young age from his father.

Technology can be foreign and abstract, but he enjoys putting personalities behind technology.

Mitch is appreciative of Spectrum leadership and employees, who are great at adapting and developing the company, which originally started in 1903. He believes the culture created at Spectrum has allowed the company to continue to be relevant.

In addition to his duties at Spectrum, Mitch generously gives to local and international orphanages. As a true family man, Mitch enjoys spending time with his wife, Julie, and their three children. They frequently enjoy planning new adventures for their family, from camping and fishing, to traveling in their RV.