Announcement | Spectrum Technologies

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Spectrum Technologies and Amazing Computer Services (ACS) have announced the planned merger of their information technology business units to create one of the region’s largest network services firms.

ACS began in 2005 in Las Cruces. Since its inception, President Al Perez has continued to grow the company and serves many loyal clients throughout the region. With a talented team of IT professionals, ACS became a leader in the Las Cruces and Southern New Mexico area offering services such as IT managed services, network security, 24/7 help desk, data backup, and recovery.

Spectrum Technologies delivers innovative, high-quality business technology solutions to many valued customers. Beyond their quality printers, copiers, multi-function devices, maintenance and support Spectrum branched into Las Cruces, NM in 1999 to offer customized support and care to existing clients and a growing market.

As technology evolved, and business needs grew, Spectrum began offering IT and networking services 15 years ago. “ACS offers an exciting opportunity to strengthen and expand our service footprint across the Desert Southwest” explains Kyle Elliott, President of Spectrum Technologies.  “With a solid portfolio of high-profile clients, the merged operation will support our strategy to lead the market as the region’s premier managed network services firm. As we combine the rich heritage of both companies, we plan to provide superior customer support and strong vendor partnerships with companies like Dell, HP, Microsoft, and Cisco.”

The expanded business will operate under the Spectrum Technologies brand and leadership and will serve over 3,000 businesses and government entities primarily across the states of Texas and New Mexico.

The planned merger is in the midst of the 115th Anniversary of Spectrum Technologies. The two companies found a perfect partnership as they combine their core philosophies of exceptional customer service and innovation.

"We established Spectrum Technologies and built our legacy through success and trials by providing great customer service," says Mitch Plesant, partner & Executive Vice President, "We understand products and services will change with time, but our standard of excellence and commitment to our customers will never waver."

"We look forward to many more years in the West Texas and Southern New Mexico region. Ultimately, we look forward to the success of our clients," says Kyle Elliott.